Job Vacancy

08 June 2017

Campaign Development & Communications Coordinator

As the Campaign Development & Communications Coordinator you will provide leadership, strategic direction and recommendations for all communications related to advocacy, awareness and fundraising campaign activities. You will work full time and generally be engaged in complex operations to produce high quality fundraising and media communication products that enable different constituents in HANDIKOS to explain and profile our work and services and raise funds to support our work. Such products are to be delivered across a range of platforms including online, television broadcast and print outlets. You will support our marketing efforts and develop communication strategies. You will play a key role in the development and implementation of HANDIKOS’s fundraising activities in order to secure funding for programme work and organizational core costs. You will be also responsible for designing/delivering a knowledge infrastructure for HandiKos that will allow us to develop, capture and share best practices from our strategic initiatives grant making, service delivery and other work.

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