19 July 2016


People with disabilities or those who use wheelchairs cannot use the few public toilets that are in Prishtina. Like all other citizens, people with disabilities need toilets and citizens without restriction may use any toilet places of the city, but people with disabilities cannot use them because of the physical infrastructure which it is inaccessible.

Although there are three public toilets which are dedicated for people with disabilities in the city, two of them do not work at all. Toilet public at underpass Boulevard Bill Clinton is always closed, citizens with disabilities to use the toilet should require premises within underpass person who holds a decryption key to open it, and this takes at least 30 minutes. And with the opening of the door of the toilet in there occurs in a "warehouse" with different materials which can never be used as a toilet.

Another public toilet in the Pallati I Rinisë, is the only one in Pristina, which is more accessible to people with disabilities, but this toilet can be used only while they are also open other premises.

While Zahir Pajaziti Square, although it built a space for public toilets, which is planned toilet accessible to citizens with disabilities, he has never worked.

Given that the highest frequency of citizens within the city is along the main squares, including people with disabilities and especially during the holidays where many compatriots with disabilities, the question is where and how can a citizen limitations perform those basic physiological needs, while other citizens carrying them without any hindrance !?


It remains only advice for people with disabilities do not drink too much, especially not drink macchiato that should immediately go to the toilet.