HANDIKOS Privacy Policy


In order to provide you with the best and highest quality service, HANDIKOS offers various forms and questionnaires. This data will be collected, processed and stored by the organization in full compliance with the Data Protection Law provided by the Law “On Personal Data Protection”. These actions will be carried out according to the principle of respect and guarantee of fundamental human rights and freedoms and in particular the right to privacy.

HANDIKOS reminds you that the provision of your personal data is not mandatory and is at the discretion of each individual to voluntarily provide the requested information and to proceed further with the application for the purpose for which it is requested.

When giving consent to persons who have not reached the age of majority, the prior consent of the adult person who accompanies him and who possesses legal authorizations for actions will always be required.

  • Sensitive data, even with consent, will only be used for statistical purposes and other data protected by health and other laws will not be transferred or processed.
  1. Collection of information: HANDIKOS will collect only personal information which is needed for the administration of data related to the services provided, based on the relevant laws in force “On the protection of personal data”).
  1. Information Processing: HANDIKOS will process your personal data correctly and only for the purposes it informed you at the time of signing the conciliation declaration.
  1. Data Processing Quality: HANDIKOS uses appropriate technology and trains employees with sufficient technical knowledge to ensure data storage.
  1. Security and confidentiality: HANDIKOS will keep your personal data confidential and will restrict access to your personal data for statistical purposes only.
  1. HANDIKOS refers to the highest standards according to the legal requirements for data storage and protection.
  1. Database distribution: HANDIKOS may distribute your personal data to third parties who act on its behalf and under its guidance, for your information and services, only after obtaining your prior approval.
  1. Responsibility: HANDIKOS and its employees may process personal data only in accordance with these principles and applicable law, conduct training for employees and revise its compliance with these principles. Employees are expected to report violations of these principles to instance executives. If you have a complaint that the organization has violated these principles and if you have tried in good faith to resolve the complaint with the organization but the complaint has not been resolved within the stipulated time interval, then you can apply these principles in accordance with applicable law.


The protection of various visual data for persons present at any publication or event organized by HANDIKOS, in advance will be done with the consent and approval of the party involved, or the responsible person who protects the rights of the person involved in events, according to legal authorizations.

During any publication or posting of the activity, HANDIKOS will have a high consideration that the objective be focused only on the persons who have previously given a consent for exposure to the public, regarding the responsible persons who should be careful in the objective. and focus on the event, not to take any random frames, be they passers-by, persons or business objects which can be easily identified.

The official responsible for the publication is responsible for the fair publication and without any tendency for each publication, protecting the highest interests of the organization’s reputation and notifying the membership with confirmed information.