HANDIKOS Strategy 2014-2016

Planing process

In consultation with members, board members, staff, collaborating partners and stakeholders, HandiKOS, based onthe rights, needs and situation of people with disabilities and the current socio-economic situation in the country have developed a new strategy and Action Plan for 2014-2016.

During this period, HandiKOS will work towards achieving an inclusive society promoting human rights and equal opportunities for people with disabilities. The design and development of the strategy, has enlisted active participation by the aforementioned parties, received Board approval of the Work Plan and will be implemented towards achieving the objectives for this period.

HandiKOS is a non-governmental organization (NGO) founded in 1983. It represents and supports people with disabilities by advocating and lobbying for their human rights and providing services through a network of 14 centres and 13 local offices throughout Kosovo. HandiKOS actions aim for achievement of equal rights and an independent and dignified life with full participation of people with disabilities in Kosovo.

DuRing the period 2014 – 2016 HandiKOS will work towards achieving an inclusive society that recognises and fully respects the people with disabilities’ human rights and equal opportunities. To achieve this, HandiKOS has established two main objectives: (1) promotion of the right to free movement, quality health services, social welfare, education and employment of people with disabilities, and (2) development and promotion of selfsustainable community-based social services for persons with disabilities.History of HandiKOS.

Strategy and Action Plan you can find here.